This Week on The Doctors

August 8 - 14, 2020
Monday, August 10 Episode #12003

Women Secretly Filmed during Gyno Operations? Doctors Investigate: Does Weight Affect Your Birth Control? Miracle Twins!

Dozens of women are suing a San Diego hospital after they were filmed during their gynecology operations. Does weight affect your birth control? Twins born 3 months early receive a groundbreaking new heart procedure! Doctors Saved My Life: Update on a woman whose jaw pain led her to pill addiction. A caffeine-free coffee alternative that promises no withdrawal symptoms? Bella Thorne shampoos with beer to lighten her hair -- is it a BUZZ or BUST? Win big prizes with the word of the day giveaway!

Tuesday, August 11 Episode #12078

Are Women with Younger Male Partners More Satisfied?

Are women with younger male partners more satisfied? Should you use artificial intelligence to analyze your love life? Parents using apps to track their college kids! Money expert's advice on how to banish burnout! Did detox center miss signs that could have saved a young mom? Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret ingredient for health! Are apple cider vinegar pills risky? The Doctor’s Workout Warmup Shot-of-Health!

Wednesday, August 12 Episode #12110
Thursday, August 13 Episode #12107

Drop the Sugar Success Stories!

Cheating boyfriend busted by Fitbit! Obese kids have thinner brains? #DropTheSugar success stories! Vegetarian turned butcher? Natural remedies safer than Rx medications? Why Americans have lost their primary care doctors; Outrage over anatomically correct dolls!

Friday, August 14 Episode #12126

Cooking with Cauliflower!

A new cosmetic surgery promises to make you taller! Can a high fruit diet help reverse diabetes? One woman overcomes spina bifida and becomes an athlete! Should more states have dental therapy programs? Amy Lacey shares recipes from her new book Cali’Flour Kitchen! Men are putting soy sauce on their testicles to see if they can taste it? The simple trick to achieving your goals: make them your computer password!