This Week on The Doctors

August 1 - 7, 2020
Monday, August 3 Episode #12312

Top Three Tips for Better Sex!

Root canal controversy; Cardiac nurse concerned about gum disease comes to The Doctors; Young woman seeks answers about her menstrual clots; The Doctors kiss & tell with their top three tips for better sex; Cause behind breast milk leakage; Peeling the perfect pineapple.

Tuesday, August 4 Episode #12092

Toxic THC Vapes!

The Drs. investigate a looming millennial health crisis. Are toxic THC vapes at the center of the vaping epidemic? Can a pill extend your dog and your own life? The one thing you should never doAC to your dog!

Wednesday, August 5 Episode #12118

A 96-Year-Old’s Secret to Health!

A billion medical images exposed online? Can people “age out” of violence? Neuroscientist Dr. Don Vaughn weighs in. You’re never too old to be active with 96-year-old Phyllis Sues! New study finds millions of teen and young adult women are getting unnecessary pelvic exams and screenings? OB/GYN Dr. Tristan Emily Bickman explains. Does tongue fat cause sleep apnea? The secret vegetable to pump up your salad with fiber!

Thursday, August 6 Episode #12120

Actress Opens up about Difficult Birth

New study: Tap water might be contaminated with “forever chemicals”! A toxicologist weighs in!, Pregnancy seat belt adjusters are being sold online – but are they safe? Actress Daniella Monet and her fiancé talk about the recent birth of their son! Dr. Ordon talks about his Achilles problems and working with regenerative medicine doctor, Mark Ghalili. The Doctors talk to Dr. Sid Solomon about a sleep apnea treatment that doesn’t involve CPAP! Celebrity pilates instructor Amy Jordan shares 3 moves to stronger abs! Man with a prosthetic eye turns it into a functioning camera! The Doctors share three foods that could help ease your headache!

Friday, August 7 Episode #12114

Hollywood Neck lift Reveal!

Does living apart preserve marriages? Kids told lies become adult liars! Hollywood neck lift reveal! Food trends with Max Lugavere! Soda rotted smile makeover! Mitch Albom Podcast! Can “toy jail” correct messy kids? Making peace and losing weight.