This Week on The Doctors

June 27 - July 3, 2020
Monday, June 29 Episode #12070

Judge Judy’s Officer Byrd Is Back with a Health Update!

School director ran a toddler fight club to “un-teach” fighting? Doctors warn that a common treatment for a condition that affects millions of Americans may cause more harm than good -- Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hooman Melamed weighs in. Judge Judy’s Officer Byrd comes back with a positive health update. A 25-year-old woman who lost half her leg to a rare condition shares her inspirational story. Smoothies aren’t just for summer…try this winter smoothie!

Tuesday, June 30 Episode #12306
Wednesday, July 1 Episode #12093

Managing Menopause with Denise Austin!

Wedding vs. sobriety? Groom says sister will be "dead to him" if she misses his wedding? Dad says daughter needs to lose weight to find a man? Manhood dysmorphic disorder? Find out how this is affecting men! Then, Denise Austin has workouts to manage menopause! Nurses drug patients to lighten workload? Allergic reaction in the O.R. -- Did co-workers ignore a woman’s allergy? Parents put kids in extreme time out! The most common secret sexual fantasy! Trick to boost your metabolism!

Thursday, July 2 Episode #12124

Can Supplements Lead to Liver Failure?

Can supplements lead to liver failure? Hear one woman’s story! Medical credit card controversy! What you need to know! Mirror exposure therapy? Could this new therapy help people struggling with eating disorders? Rise of the mean moms! How moms are “social engineering” their kids’ lives! “Roasting” your loved ones could be good for your relationship? Midlife misery! Is this the age you’re most likely to be miserable? The Doctors stress snack!

Friday, July 3 Episode #12043

Singer with Grave Medical Condition Debuts New Song!

A woman is caught on camera breaking into a botox clinic -- with a power saw! Man faces 10 years in jail for divorcing his wife… without her knowledge! New study suggests IUD can lower ovarian cancer risk by 32 percent! Buzz or Bust: Lady Gaga’s solution to the perfect winged eyeliner! Singer who nearly died from pulmonary arterial hypertension shares her journey and debuts a new song! Revamp your kids school lunches with Keri Glassman! Tips for reducing your personal waste! New study claims mushrooms can help lower your prostate cancer risk!