This Week on The Doctors

June 20 - 26, 2020
Monday, June 22 Episode #12038

Prison for Addiction Treatment?

People are being involuntarily committed to prison for addiction treatment?! Is company liable after employee dies during sex on a business trip? The most outrageous 911 call ever made! The latest Drs. shot of health: the brain booster!

Tuesday, June 23 Episode #12086

Teen Self-Harm on the Rise?

Teen self-harm is on the rise – what parents need to know. What is eco-anxiety and how do you cope with it? A procedure that promises to erase acne scars! A couple got kicked off a cruise ship for loud sex, and now they’re suing! A DIY male enhancement that may be dangerous! A new study shows people are going on dates just for the free food! Drinking this can cut your risk of liver cancer in half!

Wednesday, June 24 Episode #12104

The Tragic Death of a Child Television Star

Parents of TV star Cameron Boyce raise awareness about the medical condition that took their son’s life. A woman caused an emergency flight landing after she faked a medical emergency – to get a bigger seat! Would you pay a matchmaker to help you make friends? Could the secret to the perfect orthotics be 3D printing? Bride lets social media strangers create her wedding! Three snacks that will help ease muscle cramps!

Thursday, June 25 Episode #12068

Drs. Investigates: Food Sensitivity Tests

Investigation into home food sensitivity tests – are they legit or a waste of a time and money? Shocking story of mom’s debilitating stimulant addiction! Class action lawsuit over vitamin shots? The craziest things dogs have eaten in “My Dog Ate What?”

Friday, June 26 Episode #12061

Love and Sex Questions Answered!

Millennials having mental health meltdowns! Sex educator Shan Boodram answers your pressing relationship questions! Is spanking therapy good for your mental health? Meet a professional disciplinarian! Dad pays daughter to work out! New drink claims to be “The World’s Healthiest Vodka”! The most buzzed about skincare secret!