This Week on The Doctors

May 30 - June 5, 2020
Monday, June 1 Episode #12102

Best Pick-Up Lines For Women!

Nursing homes are illegally evicting patients-what you need to know! A female pickup artist shares the best pick-up lines for women! Dr. Karen shows why good posture is important! A man is sentenced to prison for selling drugs to his suicidal friend in the Doctor’s Court! And a pharmacy comes under fire for revealing a patient’s HIV status. One woman gets 759 cysts removed from her stomach! And – the trick to keep your stacked necklaces from tangling!

Tuesday, June 2 Episode #12071

Childhood Anxiety Skyrocketing!

Childhood anxiety is on the rise – what’s the reason? Digisexuality is the newest trend you want to hear about! Learn great new healthy recipes from Dr. Hyman & his new book! Are the brain enhancing substances Nootropics a magic pill or bad medicine? A new drug offers hope to those with cystic fibrosis! Retail Therapy! A 3-year-old downs 18 yogurt cups by herself after being left alone! Are digital vision boards the secret to making your dreams come true?

Wednesday, June 3 Episode #12054

The “Silent Hike” to Help with Trauma and Transform Lives!

Silent Hike to help with trauma? Composer/Pianist Murray Hidary uses his music and mindfulness to help heal the world! Controversial Fight club to settle disputes? Cardi B’s period-stopping cocktail? Does it actually work? Mom makes son’s friends sign sleepover contract? School does body cavity search on student? Flu fighting ingredient to help you get through the season!

Thursday, June 4 Episode #12055

Find out If Eating More Meat Could Actually Be Good for You

The Doctors’ hold a meaty debate. Find out if eating more meat could actually be good for you! Couple struggles to reclaim intimacy after being married for less than a year! Could you be at risk for intimacy anorexia too? Could yeast infection cream grow back hair on your head? The surgical risk you’re taking by not telling your doctor about your marijuana use!

Friday, June 5 Episode #12067

Celebrity Body Secret Revealed: Lymphatic Drainage Massage!

A new study suggests that screen time might actually be good for your kids; "Sesame Street" is tackling the topic of addiction! Celebrity body secret revealed: lymphatic drainage massage! Man reveals how he lost over 130 lbs in a year! Woman seeks advice about her aggressive dog. Therapist arrested for having sex with a patient -- charging $200 per session! The Doctors discuss the latest fitness trend: Rage Yoga! The latest in fashion, food and fun with the ladies of Whoa, Wait. Walmart? Snacks that will give you a boost of energy!