This Week on The Doctors

Monday, May 25 Episode #12109

Sex Trafficking Survivor Story!

Lucy Boyadzhian of Vivant Aesthetics has discovered the fountain of youth with her face car wash! Party raves for babies? Can a cardboard cut-out mom replace the real thing? Sex trafficking survivor story! Vapor rub for toenail fungus?

Tuesday, May 26 Episode #12095

OC Housewives Hypnotized

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd & Emily Simpson get hypnotized, along with the doctors! Sneak peek of the hottest food trends for 2020; Veteran pays it forward to help another family in crisis. Using meditation to treat chronic pain!

Wednesday, May 27 Episode #12081

Why Is Society Obsessed with True Crime?

Manson Family expert Scott Michaels explains why society is obsessed with true crime. Unique insight into the Tate/LaBianca Murders! Morning show icon, Joan Lunden opens up about her battle with breast cancer! Find out the tips that lead to her survival! Substitute teacher caught on tape, stomping on a special needs student? How could this happen in a classroom setting? A woman sets her boyfriend’s house on fire…for cheating? The serious repercussions of relationship revenge. The “Yum-Yuck Crew” taste tests plant-based dishes. The kid-approved recipes you can make, tonight! Science finally debunks the myth that boys are better than girls at math!

Thursday, May 28 Episode #12042

What’s the Secret to Living to a Long, Healthy Life?

What’s the secret to living to a long, healthy life? 100-year-old Lillian shares her secrets! How soda could be rotting your teeth! Freezer-friendly meal prep ideas to take the stress out of getting dinner on the table. Migraine cure through your nose? Cutting edge technology uses magnets in surgery for less incisions and easier recovery!

Friday, May 29 Episode #12059

Serial Killer Similarities!

The Doctors investigate similarities between America’s most infamous serial killers! Gun fight at teenage “Insta-house party!” The secret language on social media teens are using to put together pill parties! Mother of bullied child seeks help for daughter’s weight issue. Pediatric nutritionist gives her childhood obesity solutions! STDs at an all-time high! How to have the STD talk in a new relationship! Dogs can now donate blood! Why you should give a loved one a 20 second hug.