This Week on The Doctors

March 14 - 20, 2020
Monday, March 16 Episode #12030

The Drs. Investigate DIY Cosmetic Procedures

The Doctors investigate DIY cosmetic procedures. A woman spearheading the DIY beauty movement takes on The Doctors. Would you use black market cosmetic injectables? A new device claims to fill lips without a needle. A cosmetic nurse shares harrowing stories of injections gone bad. A victim of a fake cosmetic injector shares her story.

Tuesday, March 17 Episode #12064

Virtual Reality for Alzheimer’s?

The Doctors take an in-depth look at the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. Can virtual reality help loved ones understand Alzheimer’s? When to worry about memory loss. How on-call comedians are helping dementia patients. Can you prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Are we in the midst of a benzo epidemic? Child’s invention keeps kids fearless at the hospital. Could oral health be connected to Alzheimer’s disease?

Wednesday, March 18 Episode #12056

TV Star Will Yun Lee and Wife Open up About Son’s Moya Moya Diagnosis!

People claim they are actually losing weight by watching binge eating videos. Nutritionist Melina Jampolis weighs in on this shocking trend. Should salt have tobacco-style health warnings to curb America’s sodium intake? Can a pearl necklace really cool you down? TV star Will Yun Lee and wife open up about their son’s difficult journey to a moyamoya diagnosis. Replace your sweets with this fruit to lose weight!

Thursday, March 19 Episode #12045

The Drs. Saved My Life!

The Drs. investigate ketamine clinics. Is the treatment a cure-all or a money grab? Is Ketamine nasal spray being abused? Can Botox get you a slimmer figure? See why a previous guest says The Doctors saved his life! The reason why you’re sick but aroused. New way to remember where you put your keys!

Friday, March 20 Episode #12063

New PSA Says Youth Football Is like Smoking Cigarettes?

A new PSA says youth tackle football is like smoking cigarettes. Neuroscientist Dr. Don Vaughn weighs in. What’s the real deal with the device that claims to heal injury without surgery or pain medications? The Drs. Court discusses a woman who claims water was spiked with liquid nitrogen and one man’s lawsuit against a nightclub for outrageous entrance fee for ladies night. The secret fruit to keep up your immune system during cold and flu season!