This Week on The Doctors

February 1 - 7, 2020
Monday, February 3 Episode #12022

Beauty’s Biggest Trends!

The Doctors take an in-depth look at placebo cures. Can a placebo pill help you sleep better? Is your sunscreen toxic? Beauty’s biggest trends! Eyebrow lamination? Get longer lashes in seconds? Are you eating mock-guac? Are you being “dogfished” on dating websites? Best ways to sleep naturally!

Tuesday, February 4 Episode #12108

Preventable Deaths in Psych Hospitals?

Can studies with placebo surgeries help weed out unneeded surgeries for others? A massive study shows many common heart procedures are unnecessary! A new investigation finds California has 100 preventable psych ward deaths a year! Mia St. John opens up about her son’s death at a psych hospital. Cows are getting virtual reality headsets to help ease anxiety! Dr. Judy’s tips on dealing with mental Illness!

Wednesday, February 5 Episode #12116

A Family’s Fight for a Cure!

Delivery room drama! Mother-in-law oversteps boundaries in the delivery room! No-nicotine hiring policy? Is this a good idea? Woman’s incredible journey after a near-death experience! Power shopping secrets with The Krazy Coupon Lady! The felon with a foot fetish? Secret snack to cut cholesterol!

Thursday, February 6 Episode #12113

Hospital Tech Donates Kidney to Patient in Need!

Dr. Terry Wahls shares her battle with MS and how she ultimately reversed her symptoms by changing her diet! A hospital tech donates her kidney to a patient she’s just met! New survey reveals that American’s would give up sex for an entire year in order to have the perfect body! Could smart diapers be the way of the future for babies and seniors? The Doctors share 3 foods to help keep you warm!

Friday, February 7 Episode #12096

Wine Mom’s Journey to Sobriety!

A man is awarded thousands after doctors accidentally give him a vasectomy instead of a circumcision. Ohio high school is drug testing all students! Former “wine mom” shares her journey to sobriety and how she’s using social media to encourage others to do the same. Money vs. Medicine: A new study reveals millions of Americans are not taking their heart medications – because they can’t afford them! The pediatric cardiac surgeon who is helping children with heart disease in developing countries. Couple shares how The Doctors changed their lives! Man suffers serious allergic reaction to his duvet! The Doctors share a shot of health to boost immunity!