This Week on The Doctors

January 18 - 24, 2020
Monday, January 20 Episode #12059

Serial Killer Similarities!

The Doctors investigate similarities between America’s most infamous serial killers! Gun fight at teenage “Insta-house party!” The secret language on social media teens are using to put together pill parties! Mother of bullied child seeks help for daughter’s weight issue. Pediatric nutritionist gives her childhood obesity solutions! STDs at an all-time high! How to have the STD talk in a new relationship! Dogs can now donate blood! Why you should give a loved one a 20 second hug.

Tuesday, January 21 Episode #12080

Popeye the Foodie Dog!

You can now hire someone to help you get your ex back! Can an early retirement lead to dementia? Is there a dangerous amount of lead in your home soil? Buzz or bust: glasses to treat anxiety and "Testie Towels"! A fake cancer cure could actually be poisonous! A new study shows taking your blood pressure medicine at this time of day could save your life. 5 things you’re getting wrong about physical therapy! Popeye the Foodie Dog visits The Doctors! The move-it smoothie that helps with constipation!

Wednesday, January 22 Episode #12078

Are Women with Younger Male Partners More Satisfied?

Are women with younger male partners more satisfied? Should you use artificial intelligence to analyze your love life? Parents using apps to track their college kids! Money expert's advice on how to banish burnout! Did detox center miss signs that could have saved a young mom? Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret ingredient for health! Are apple cider vinegar pills risky? The Doctor’s Workout Warmup Shot-of-Health!

Thursday, January 23 Episode #12079

Investigation into the Homeopathy Industry!

Investigation into the homeopathy industry! Do online hypothyroid remedies really work? Can copper help a cold? Innovative school program to reverse peer pressure. "Game of Thrones" star’s 17,000 calorie cheat meal! A new way to sneak in a workout! A beauty treatment to remove stretch marks goes dangerously wrong! Health benefits of marshmallow root.

Friday, January 24 Episode #12076

Mystery Diagnosis: Why Am I Getting Uglier?

Disturbing story of woman’s medical quest to find out why she keeps “getting uglier” every year! Drs. checkup with guest who once topped the scales at 515 pounds! Cooking healthy food totally naked online? Hot tub for men’s private parts?