This Week on The Doctors

January 11 - 17, 2020
Monday, January 13 Episode #12104

The Tragic Death of a Child Television Star

Parents of TV star Cameron Boyce raise awareness about the medical condition that took their son’s life. A woman caused an emergency flight landing after she faked a medical emergency – to get a bigger seat! Would you pay a matchmaker to help you make friends? Could the secret to the perfect orthotics be 3D printing? Bride lets social media strangers create her wedding! Three snacks that will help ease muscle cramps!

Tuesday, January 14 Episode #12105

Exclusive: Largest Sex Abuse Scandal in Sports History!

Drs. Exclusive: We’re revealing new developments in the sexual abuse scandal that rocked USA gymnastics and Michigan State University. Investigative journalists, John Barr and Dan Murphy, unravel how the abuse went on for so long and two of the brave survivors who stopped Larry Nassar’s decades of sexual abuse share their story.

Wednesday, January 15 Episode #12057

Woman Goes on 30 Dates in 3 Days!

Co-creators of RIP Medical Debt expose the medical debt buying industry and give secrets on how to end medical debt. The Alabama restaurant that doesn’t charge for food? A new study claims that men should stop drinking before trying to conceive! Journalist goes on 30 dates in 3 days to find love! Dr. Judy shares her tip to relieve stress – gardening!

Thursday, January 16 Episode #12068

Drs. Investigates: Food Sensitivity Tests

Investigation into home food sensitivity tests – are they legit or a waste of a time and money? Shocking story of mom’s debilitating stimulant addiction! Class action lawsuit over vitamin shots? The craziest things dogs have eaten in “My Dog Ate What?”

Friday, January 17 Episode #12039

Celebrities Ask The Doctors Their Most Burning Questions!

A nurse returns to The Doctors to reveal her brand-new smile makeover! Celebrities ask the doctors their most burning medical questions! Are schools using detectors to catch vaping & bullying? Are millennials getting scammed more than seniors? Inmates suing prison for taking pain pills? Toeless and limbless man fired after job refused to let him work from a stool? The Doctors put environmentally friendly straws to the test! Doctors “scrubbing” superbugs in the ER? Lose more weight being competitive?