This Week on The Doctors

January 4 - 10, 2020
Monday, January 6 Episode #12055

Find out If Eating More Meat Could Actually Be Good for You

The Doctors’ hold a meaty debate. Find out if eating more meat could actually be good for you! Couple struggles to reclaim intimacy after being married for less than a year! Could you be at risk for intimacy anorexia too? Could yeast infection cream grow back hair on your head? The surgical risk you’re taking by not telling your doctor about your marijuana use!

Tuesday, January 7 Episode #12047

Testing the New Sauna Blanket!

Shocking statistics of forced first-time sexual experiences! Insurers want data from patients’ fitness trackers? Testing the new sauna blanket! “Desserts to Die For!” with Keri Glassman! The hosts of The Doctors Africa visit their U.S. counterparts! Man brings emotional support clown to company termination meeting.

Wednesday, January 8 Episode #12037

Seniors Caught Having Sex in Public!

A group of seniors was caught having sex at a public park! Can an app help with safer sex? Our doctors answer questions about tonsil stones & visits to the OBGYN! Dr. Nita heads to skid row to visit a women’s wellness retreat! Is a shot for women’s libido a good idea? A new study shows stress during pregnancy may lead to personality disorders! Buzz or Bust: 4 avocados a day & diaper rash cream for blemishes? A man calls 9-1-1 on a police officer after he confiscates his pot! Easy trick to get your kids to eat more vegetables!

Thursday, January 9 Episode #12074

Is Sex on the 1st Date Key to a Serious Relationship?

Spiritual guide and author of Spirit Hacking, Shaman Durek discusses how to tackle anxiety and depression. Mom gifted with offensive onesies at her baby shower! Could having sex on the 1st date be the key to having a serious relationship? Testing the medical device that predicts when you’ve gotta go? Doctors’ guest returns to give an update on weight loss journey. Can new booby tape replace your bra? Can these heated animal slippers actually improve circulation in your feet? A heart-healthy drink made with curry!

Friday, January 10 Episode #12062

Veteran Gets Groundbreaking Penile Transplant!

A veteran gets a groundbreaking penile transplant after being injured in combat. A new study shows men who take small steps may be more prone to having ED! Can virtual reality at children’s hospitals help make medical procedures easier and less painful? One girl has a seizure after inhaling the helium from a balloon! The doctors investigate the practice of families rehoming adopted children on the internet! Tips to battling the flu with Doctors On Demand! Justin Bieber is spotted getting a vitamin drip! And the recipe for a smoothie to help increase your focus!