This Week on The Doctors

November 9 - 15, 2019
Monday, November 11 Episode #12064

Virtual Reality for Alzheimer’s?

The Doctors take an in-depth look at the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. Can virtual reality help loved ones understand Alzheimer’s? When to worry about memory loss. How on-call comedians are helping dementia patients. Can you prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Are we in the midst of a benzo epidemic? Child’s invention keeps kids fearless at the hospital. Could oral health be connected to Alzheimer’s disease?

Tuesday, November 12 Episode #12030

The Drs. Investigate DIY Cosmetic Procedures

The Doctors investigate DIY cosmetic procedures. A woman spearheading the DIY beauty movement takes on The Doctors. Would you use black market cosmetic injectables? A new device claims to fill lips without a needle. A cosmetic nurse shares harrowing stories of injections gone bad. A victim of a fake cosmetic injector shares her story.

Wednesday, November 13 Episode #12067

Celebrity Body Secret Revealed: Lymphatic Drainage Massage!

A new study suggests that screen time might actually be good for your kids; "Sesame Street" is tackling the topic of addiction! Celebrity body secret revealed: lymphatic drainage massage! Man reveals how he lost over 130 lbs in a year! Woman seeks advice about her aggressive dog. Therapist arrested for having sex with a patient -- charging $200 per session! The Doctors discuss the latest fitness trend: Rage Yoga! The latest in fashion, food and fun with the ladies of Whoa, Wait. Walmart? Snacks that will give you a boost of energy!

Thursday, November 14 Episode #12069
Friday, November 15 Episode #12034

Buzz or Bust: Butt Sheet Masks?

A domestic violence survivor bravely shares her testimony on how she fled her abuser. The life saving tips victims need to know! The115 pound four year old? While critics accuse the mother of over feeding -- could the cause of his weight gain be something else?  Founder of nonprofit “Lunch of Me” program shares her latest project to bring healthy food to the less fortunate. Sheet masks for your booty?