This Week on The Doctors

October 26 - November 1, 2019
Monday, October 28 Episode #12053

9-Year-Old Gets Toxic Shock Syndrome!

Is the new dopamine fast trend worth trying? Find out the neuroscience behind imposter syndrome! A 9-year-old girl gets toxic shock syndrome! Are the innovative products Bug Bite Thing and Shower Clear a buzz or bust? Dr. Ordon tries out hyperbaric & PRP treatments to help his tendinitis! Is hand sanitizer ineffective against the flu? Retail Therapy! Can you swallow your dentures while eating? It happened to one man! And how to keep your necklaces from tangling when you travel!

Tuesday, October 29 Episode #12052
Wednesday, October 30 Episode #12025

The Drs. Debate: Is Porn Addiction Real?

The Drs. Debate: Is porn addiction real? Meet the man who says porn addiction destroyed his life. Could adult film be as addictive as drugs? Plus, the controversial parenting hack: beat toys to get kids to eat? Then, breast cancer specialist Dr. Kristi Funk shares her recipe for her cancer fighting “breasturrito!” And, did Kanye West Eat his own ear wax?

Thursday, October 31 Episode #12041
Friday, November 1 Episode #12044

The Drs. #DropTheSugar Challenge!

Tired of being sick & tired! The Drs. #DropTheSugar Challenge is here to help! Hear the story of how a producer on The Doctors did a sugar detox that changed his life & turned his health around! We give you the tips to help curb your sugar addiction, lose weight & boost your energy! Could online therapy be a solution to our country’s mental health crisis?