This Week on the Doctors

September 7 - 13, 2019
Monday, September 9 Episode #12002

The Doctors Season 12 Premiere!

It’s the Season 12 premiere! Dr. Travis, a bachelor no more, gushes on his summer wedding! Will a stork be paying a visit to The Storks sometime soon? Then, Britney Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asghari heats things up in the kitchen as he shares Britney’s favorite date night meal. And, should magic mushrooms be legalized in the United States? The Doctors tackle the medical debate that has health officials tripping out! Do chili peppers cause dementia? And Dr. Travis’s personal health tip that you can do in front of the TV! 

Tuesday, September 10 Episode #12001

Exclusive: Abby Lee Miller’s Cancer Crisis; Mental Health Days for Kids; Hidden Germy Spot in Your Home

In a Drs. exclusive, “Dance Moms” Abby Lee Miller talks about her cancer crisis. Abby needs regular scans to monitor her health and we were there for them. We have her surprising results! Should students be allowed to take a “mental health” sick day from school? Some states are passing bills allowing students to do so! Then, the hidden spot gunk and grime may be lurking in your home! Win big prizes with the word of the day giveaway! Should you be putting eucalyptus in your shower? The Doctors may surprise you!

Wednesday, September 11 Episode #12003

Women Secretly Filmed during Gyno Operations? Doctors Investigate: Does Weight Affect Your Birth Control? Miracle Twins!

Dozens of women are suing a San Diego hospital after they were filmed during their gynecology operations. Does weight affect your birth control? Twins born 3 months early receive a groundbreaking new heart procedure! Doctors Saved My Life: Update on a woman whose jaw pain led her to pill addiction. A caffeine-free coffee alternative that promises no withdrawal symptoms? Bella Thorne shampoos with beer to lighten her hair -- is it a BUZZ or BUST? Win big prizes with the word of the day giveaway!

Thursday, September 12 Episode #12017

Drs. Exclusive: Aaron Carter’s Family Crisis!

In a Doctors exclusive, singer Aaron Carter sits down with The Doctors and pleas for help for his mother, Jane, and her shocking addiction to alcohol. He is worried for her well-being and says she desperately needs help! Will Jane accept the resources that we offer to her? Can this family in crisis be saved?

Friday, September 13 Episode #12301