This Week on the Doctors

August 10 - 16, 2019
Monday, August 12 Episode #11304

Anti-snoring tips!

Breast cancer victim; Social media cleanse; Anti-snoring tips; Ask The Doctors: Sex and relationship; The facts about milk; Navel stones; Posture pose

Tuesday, August 13 Episode #11070

New Health Food Trend: Cockroach Milk?

Is classifying gaming disorder as a mental health condition going too far? Young couple almost loses toddler to a brain tumor! Could the key to a happier marriage be looking at cute animal pictures? Could your sex drive help you score a Nobel Prize? New breakthrough in dentistry for fixing cavities by regrowing teeth?  Buzz or Bust on the latest fashion trends. Could the milk with the most nutrients actually be from cockroaches? Simple hack to eliminate static cling.

Wednesday, August 14 Episode #11080

Pepto Bismol Facial?

Why do some women find sexist men more attractive? From hungry to hangry? Do women expect a bigger ring if man is unattractive? In-flight sexual assaults on the rise? Buzz or bust?  Pepto-Bismol facial? Stainless steel bar? Boy who doesn’t like salad calls 911...twice!

Thursday, August 15 Episode #11102

Veterans Find Hope in Foster Care

A new nursing home alternative for veterans brings hope and good health to our aging loved. New study links job stress to a heart rhythm disorder. New device delivers washboard abs and a butt lift! The secret hack for eyelash extensions? No questions off limits in: Ask The Doctors! Can a papaya and turmeric face mask really able to stop facial hair growth?

Friday, August 16 Episode #11108

Nurse in Need of Smile Makeover!

The Doctors are bringing you a special hour of Hollywood Health! Would you risk naming your own price to get a deal on cosmetic surgery? Healthcare workers surprised with red carpet treatments! Samantha Harris stops by to discuss her latest book Your Healthiest Healthy. Woman gets the gooey gold facial that’s all over social media feed! Psychic to the Stars Jayne Wallace stops by and reads our live audience!