This Week on the Doctors

August 3 - 9, 2019
Monday, August 5 Episode #11083

New Trend in Pimple Popping Involves a Vibrating Spatula?

Woman undergoes a five-minute non-surgical chin enhancement using only her own fat as filler! Is mouthwash effective at treating dandruff? We’re setting the record straight! Barber giving balding men a new look and new confidence with man weaves! New trend in pimple popping involves a vibrating spatula? We’re putting it to the test! Doctors Check-Up with some of your favorite guests! Post-pregnancy hair loss tips. 3 tips to make you look more attractive instantly?

Tuesday, August 6 Episode #11089
Wednesday, August 7 Episode #11051

Doctor Grows New Ear in the Arm?

What the health?! Doctor grows new ear in the Arm? Woman “impregnated” by squid? Hot headlines: Sexually explicit homework? #AskTheDoctors: What do I do with this gaping wound? Healthy use for pineapple skins?  

Thursday, August 8 Episode #11049

Exclusive with Reality Royalty: Gretchen & Slade

Exclusive with reality royalty: Gretchen & Slade; Could daily aspirin double men’s risk for melanoma? Woman reveals how she took to the internet to treat her skin conditions!  Can a pizza treat cancer? Man goes 17 hours on a plane without a bathroom break! Should he be worried? Could ditching the scale be the key to a healthier weight? Could taking off your shoes at home prevent you from gaining weight? Workout motivation that will have you headed straight to the gym!  

Friday, August 9 Episode #11091

Underarm Cysts That Come and Go -- the Dermatologist Weighs In!

A whole new way for hackers to access your information…can you prevent this cyber-attack? New mom needs help transitioning off breastfeeding. Underarm cysts that come and go -- The dermatologist weighs in! Could a certain glue mend bones? Hear how one soldier got his manhood back! Could infertile men be more likely to get cancer? Could eating the skin on your fruits or vegetables have health benefits? The pose that took social media by storm! Secret food to help sperm?