This Week on The Doctors

Monday, July 8 Episode #11086

Fight Arm Flab!

Parent Alert; what to look out for on your child’s phone! Then, a shocking way to fight crime?! A new study has some surprising results!  Next, DIY piercing guns?! Is it dangerous?! Detox your teeth?! Does it work?  Also, a surprising sign that indicates a couple will divorce! You’re not going to want to miss this! Then, can one woman break her bad boy addiction?! And, fight arm flab with Jen Widerstrom!

Tuesday, July 9 Episode #11039

Healthy Food Swaps – Cut Calories from Your Favorite Foods!

Stuff my mom forwards me – could mom’s health tips be bad for you? Woman loses uterus, ovaries and toes because of her IUD! Healthy food swaps – ways to cut calories, and fat from your favorite foods! Could getting divorced cause you to die earlier? Being a couch potato isn’t just bad for your body – it could be bad for your brain!

Wednesday, July 10 Episode #11019

Could Kissing Disease Lead to Major Diseases?

The ‘Big O’ might help shorten your time of the month?! Could feminine hygiene products put you at greater risk for infection? Hear what the doctors have to say. Could the virus causing Mono lead to major diseases? Find out what expression the Mona Lisa is making based on new research. New tattoo looking device tracks alcohol intake? New risk for liver cancer! Stop buying extra calorie adders and learn how to make-your-own healthy versions! Have you been “hatfished” online? Should you be on the lookout? 3 things to do with soap that doesn’t involve cleaning your body! 

Thursday, July 11 Episode #11097

How to Communicate with Your Baby Using Sign Language!

How to hack your health to accomplish more in less time! Can hormone replacement prevent Alzheimer’s disease? How to communicate with your baby using sign language! Soundwave therapy to fix problems “down there”! Get glowing with injectable moisturizer! Fix for menstrual migraines? Simple test to tell if you’re dehydrated!

Friday, July 12 Episode #11067

Long-Term Damage from Fake Nails?

Answers to your most embarrassing questions. Young woman reaches out to The Doctors for help with her painful skin condition. Could your clicking jaw be causing irreparable damage? Is a daily nosebleed the sign of something serious? How young is too young for breast reduction? Special chair promises incontinence cure? Surprising way to prevent your baby from developing a flat head?