This Week on the Doctors

June 29 - July 5, 2019
Monday, July 1 Episode #11078

Worm Crawling under Someone’s Skin!

The world’s most popular sexual fantasies!  High-tech neck lift? New treatment put to the test!  Secrets to an A-list body Revealed!  Celeb trainer Simone De La Rue has all the answers!  Should you discipline someone else’s child? Can a woman’s sight be saved? The most disturbing photo of the year: Worm crawling under someone’s skin! 

Tuesday, July 2 Episode #11079

Ask the Doctors: I’ve Got Terrible Dandruff!

Is being frugal on a date a major turn-on or turn-off? Woman got amnesia after hitting her head…but it wasn’t all bad! One side effect actually gave her pleasure? Buzz or bust on the latest trends in natural hygiene. Treatment for terrible dandruff! Could there be a cure in site for the dreaded hangover? Could a fever indicate genital herpes? Toddler’s rare hair condition where hair can’t be brushed; Are humans supposed to live until 122 years old? The Doctors weigh in on life expectancy! Could taking a hot bath could actually prevent risk for heart attack or stroke?!

Wednesday, July 3 Episode #11088

Latest Skincare Trend: Botox Facials?

The Doctors discuss a new study which says couples in open relationships could be happier than those in monogamous ones! Ask The Doctors! Can you get skin cancer where the sun doesn’t shine? Latest skincare trend: Botox facials? Exclusive: man reveals how he went from 500 lbs. to totally fit! The Docs answer your burning bathroom questions in a round of “What the Flush?” Would you buy a fast food burger that was left out for 6 years?

Thursday, July 4 Episode #11082
Friday, July 5 Episode #11081

Couple Helps Homeless Children!

Should school nurse administer medicinal marijuana? Nurses debate. Could pain patches be deadly? The doctors give must-know information for parents. A Los Angeles couple helps homeless children celebrate their special day! The Drs. Court. Buzz or Bust – could this beauty product be a risk for your eyes? Is Meghan Markle’s beauty hack a royal buzz, or a royal bust? Do you care if your doctor has tattoos or body piercings?