This Week on The Doctors

Monday, June 10 Episode #11057

Deadly Weight Loss Procedure?

Can a popular weight loss procedure turn deadly? Can pre-cut fruit put your health at risk? A new product claims to lighten your eyes but at what cost to your vision? Then, find out which 3 tools under ten bucks can up your beauty game! Plus a family in crisis turns to The Doctors to help their teenage daughter. And it’s pretty to look at but could coral kill you? Plus, find out why sleeping in might help you live longer! And, add this to your diet to recall your dreams!

Tuesday, June 11 Episode #11061

Ask The Doctors: Can These Teeth Be Fixed?

Could inducing labor at 39 weeks be beneficial to mom and baby?! The Doctors weigh in; Woman reveals her biggest insecurity: her smile! Can her teeth be fixed? New food combinations that are either totally buzzworthy or a big bust! How does going off birth control affect your body? Can menopause hit in your 30s? Could a daytime nap enhance false memories? Do men with flashy cars make good husband material? The Doctors give their take. Why you should never store your condom in your wallet!

Wednesday, June 12 Episode #11085

Former Tanning Addict’s Face Reconstructed after Skin Cancer!

Abandoned your diet lately? The Doctors discuss the top 6 ways diets are ruined and tips to succeed! Former tanning addict’s face reconstructed after skin cancer! Woman bullied online for revealing she’d got her tubes tied…to save the planet? Doctor shares reasons why he hasn’t used soap in 20 years! The skin care products you might be over-using that could negatively affect your skin!

Thursday, June 13 Episode #11068

Portable Toilet Catastrophe Caught on Tape!

The Doctors checks in with a female guest from Season 10 who tipped the scales at over 500 pounds! Update on her weight-loss journey. New study has us asking an uncomfortable question – are human beings getting dumber? Could some of the prescription drugs being given to children with ADHD be causing weight gain? The portable toilet viral video you can’t stop watching!

Friday, June 14 Episode #11026

Why Ordinary People Are Micro-Dosing LSD

Viewers ask The Doctors their burning medical questions! Can you successfully schedule sex? Could working out in the cold help you burn more calories? Fitness superstar Emily Skye opens up about her battle with depression and her post-baby body. Best beauty buys for under $20!  Micro-dosing LSD! Could it help those battling depression? Beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson puts the latest hair hacks to the test!