This Week on the Doctors

Monday, June 3 Episode #11312
Tuesday, June 4 Episode #1111
Wednesday, June 5 Episode #11036

Brush with Death While Pregnant!

Body language expert reveals the tell-tale signs why Hollywood couples split! Tips and tricks to get your kids to listen, and even tell when someone is lying! Could your online romance be using a paid impersonator? The shocking things people are putting “down there”! Reported cancer risks or fake cancer news? How an everyday household item might help boost hair growth!

Thursday, June 6 Episode #11024

Magnetic Face Masks

A viral warning about doing the dishes during a thunderstorm and how it could gravely affect your health. But could it actually be true? Scientists found the key to men’s happiness… and it’s not what you think! The one ingredient that’s your secret weapon to weight loss, improved energy and health! “What’s The Real Deal” with the magnetic face masks trending on social media -- are there any benefits? “Doctors Check-Up” on a guest who lived with a prolapsed uterus for ten years, underwent surgery and is here for an amazing update! The latest nutrition trends! Is bad grammar a bigger romantic turnoff? 

Friday, June 7 Episode #11040

Treating Morning Sickness with Marijuana?

Is caffeine okay in any dose while pregnant? Should marijuana ever be recommended as a treatment to morning sickness? Can a sleep aid help with weight loss? College student invents secret device to prevent sexual assault! Young man’s struggle to overcome excessive sweating! DIY energy shakes to get that morning jolt without caffeine! Bird helps young girl extract baby tooth? Simple trick to get more antioxidants out of your berries!