This Week on the Doctors

Monday, May 27 Episode #11047

Eat Seafood…Get Pregnant?

The Doctors investigate the Vitamin B12 injection craze. Can your dreams save your life? Can eating seafood help you get pregnant? Is that a cold sore or something else? YouTuber’s life-saving discovery! How to make your beauty blender look new again!

Tuesday, May 28 Episode #11013

Woman Plays Flute during Brain Surgery

Today’s show is co-hosted by the man who stole “The Bachelorette’s” heart, Dr. Bryan Abasolo! Ever received those long forwarded emails claiming to cure your problems? The Doctors are setting the record straight! A breakthrough treatment for nail fungus that is pain-free and doesn’t involve medication. The school bus driver who is a true hometown hero making an impact on students! No question is too personal in: “Ask the Gyno!” Easy at-home exercises to banish back pain! Woman plays flute during brain surgery!

Wednesday, May 29 Episode #11029

Key Lodged in Head?

Toxic shock mistake for flu; Bizarre in the er: Key lodged in head? Pen cap lodged in ear? Ask the doctors: Plantar warts, UTI, yellow tongue diagnosis, what causes dandruff? Is the fruity vagina a buzz or bust? Commando workout? Post work ritual for better sleep?

Thursday, May 30 Episode #11017

Instant Tummy Tuck!

Could anti-anxiety meds help problems “down there”? Are men more likely to cheat during pregnancy? Antacids bad for babies? Tongue ties troubling to moms and babies? Why fro-yo may cause body pain. Voice secrets revealed! Rapid non-surgical tummy tuck! Can Instagram food trends ruin your diet? How to get more health benefits from mushrooms!

Friday, May 31 Episode #11042

Comedian Shares Story from Selling Crack…to Cracking Jokes!

The Doctors take on bizarre medical headlines, from blowing your nose for mind-blowing sex…to the health benefits of smelling farts!? Author Dr. Jeremy Howick shares his research on how you can heal your body from within without modern medicine. Comedian Ms. Pat opens up on how laughter was her prescription from selling crack… to cracking jokes! Surprising cure for rheumatoid arthritis that can be found in your kitchen pantry!