This Week on The Doctors

Monday, May 13 Episode #11107
Tuesday, May 14 Episode #11045

Massive Earwax Removal Caught Live!

The Doctors discuss several hot headlines that will have you saying, “What the health?” Woman has surgery with 20 doctors to remove a 132-pound ovarian tumor! Woman born without a vagina receives new one – made out of fish skin? Shocking footage of the worst earwax balls caught on camera! Microwave explodes with urine at fast food store!

Wednesday, May 15 Episode #11306

Thousands of Gall Stones Removed

Getting your summer body! Nightmare doc goes viral! DIY cervical test. Kirk Cameron – smartphones ruining childhood; New warning about daytime naps! Thousands of gall stones removed; How to eliminate junk food from your life!

Thursday, May 16 Episode #11127

Exclusive: Reality Stars Team up for Infertility Awareness

In a Doctors exclusive, “Real Housewives” stars Gretchen Rossi & Slade Smiley team up with NASCAR’s Kyle and Samantha Busch to bring awareness to the fertility process by sharing their personal struggles. The “Queen of Versailles” Jackie Siegel shares the tragic story of her daughter’s drug overdose. Doctors weigh in on the craziest claims on social media; Easy ways to lower stress instantly! The 3-year old who knows CPR goes viral!

Friday, May 17 Episode #11308

“Jersey Shore” Star Undergoes 6 Pack Surgery!

“Jersey Shore” star undergoes 6 pack surgery! Housewives on drug-spiked cheese? The benefits of cow cuddling? DIY facial! Are women happier with younger men? Autistic man’s amazing weight loss; New fitness trend: Crawling emotional support alligator; The fruit you need to eat!