This Week on the Doctors

Monday, May 6 Episode #11093

Could You Injure Your Child by Swinging Them by Their Arms?

The Doctors discuss the opioid epidemic and the new restrictions some states are implementing in hopes to save lives! Could you injure your child by swinging them by their arms? “Doctors Check-Up.” Testing a new product that promises to reduce pain without medication. Could itchy skin be a sign of cancer? The warning signs you need to know.

Tuesday, May 7 Episode #11035

Drs. Checkup: Woman’s Skin Removal Surgery

We go inside the operating room as dancer gets stem cell surgery on her knee after years of pain! How does she feel just a month later? Guest from last season returns after having skin removal surgery and an injection for her debilitating PTSD! Review of new yoga pants specifically designed with sex in mind! Parents fired up over graphic sex education book!

Wednesday, May 8 Episode #11125

Rapper Silento Breaks Silence on Depression!

A restaurant in the Midwest recently started using oil made from gene edited soybeans! California’s first Surgeon General speaks on childhood adversity! Rapper Silento speaks out on his struggle with depression! Dad pushes his quintuples for 27.3 miles! Barber hands out free condoms – but there’s one crucial mistake! Lena Headey’s viral pineapple eating hack – but does it work!?

Thursday, May 9 Episode #11115

Jen Hansard Shares Some Simple, Green Alternatives for Your Takeout Favorites!

Mom of four under fire for sedating kids on long flights! Shelby Hadden tackles pelvic pain and shares about her short film, “Tightly Wound.”  Jen Hansard shares some simple, green alternatives for your takeout favorites! We put a new personal thermostat to the test! At what point do you feel comfortable doing private things in front of your partner? Can drinking baking soda help you lose weight? Does drinking through a straw help avoid cavities? Why everyone is eating cauliflower bread!

Friday, May 10 Episode #11305