This Week on the Doctors

March 16 - 22, 2019
Monday, March 18 Episode #11064

Jen Widerstrom Weighs in on Your Fitness Questions!

People getting busy on the job? Surprising number of Americans having sex at work!  The truth about anti-depressants; should you take them forever? Could your periods make you anemic?  Shape Magazine’s Jen Widerstrom weighs in on your fitness questions! Saving Secrets from the Krazy Coupon Lady. A hack for traveling with jewelry!

Tuesday, March 19 Episode #11054

Pet Obesity Epidemic?

IG fitness star Uzoma Obilor made waves on social media for his rippling abs that actually ripple! What’s the reason behind his amazing abs? Pets Obesity Epidemic? What you can do to keep Fido fit! Meet the volunteers who cuddle babies addicted to opioids! Sound Baths: A Buzz or a Bust? Dr. Nita gets her “Om” on to find out! Top plastic surgery trends of 2018! Dr. Travis sniffs out the best solutions for your stinky sneakers! The secret meaning behind those colored bristles on your toothbrush!

Wednesday, March 20 Episode #11073

Changing Lives with a Haircut!

A celebrity hairstylist that’s groomed some of the hottest men in Hollywood changes the lives of homeless people with a haircut! The Doctors first wedding for a couple whose story went viral! What’s the Real Deal with a wearable device that relieves headaches? Does it work? Infant sleeping dangers every parent must hear! Simple trick for a perfect burger!

Thursday, March 21 Episode #11023

Sexy 6-Pack Secrets with ER Hunk Dr. Jedidiah Ballard

Comedian Kym Whitley serves up a healthy dose of humor! IG fitness star gets accused of butt implants and The Doctors get to the “bottom” of the truth…with a lie detector test?! Did she really get that infamous derrière without a single squat? Then, the remarkable story of one man who beat paralysis 3 times! Hear his inspirational story of will and determination. Then ER hunk Jedidiah Ballard shares his personal six-pack secrets and debunks the ab myths when it comes to 6-pack supplements. And does fake sugar cause diabetes?

Friday, March 22 Episode #11055

How to Eat Healthy for $4-A- Day!

The Doctors check in with a season 10 guest who dropped over 300 pounds naturally after he received one of the most graphic skin removal surgeries ever! How is he doing today & what weight-loss advice does he have? “Good & Cheap” author teaches us how to eat healthy for four dollars a day! Controversial study claims women should have shorter work weeks than men? What do our hosts think? Smartphone notifications aren’t just annoying – they might be messing up your brain permanently!