This Week on the Doctors

March 9 - 15, 2019
Monday, March 11 Episode #11012

Food Makeover with Rocco Dispirito

Louie Anderson opens up about painful childhood. Food makeover with Rocco Dispirito. From dad body to hottie! Madonna’s butt facial? The baby with the world’s smallest heart valve! Can high heels hurt your uterus?

Tuesday, March 12 Episode #11060

Surgery Saves Teen’s Vision!

The Doctors try bourbon that contains beaver secretions! The average toddler eats more than 7 teaspoons of sugar a day! You’ll never guess what these pizza crusts are made from! Could a new beauty product fix wrinkles overnight? Olympian’s nephew gets a life-changing surgery. The hazards of baby car seat accessories! Keeping orange juice in the freezer may give it more nutrients!

Wednesday, March 13 Episode #11050
Thursday, March 14 Episode #11066
Friday, March 15 Episode #11039

Healthy Food Swaps – Cut Calories from Your Favorite Foods!

Stuff my mom forwards me – could mom’s health tips be bad for you? Woman loses uterus, ovaries and toes because of her IUD! Healthy food swaps – ways to cut calories, and fat from your favorite foods! Could getting divorced cause you to die earlier? Being a couch potato isn’t just bad for your body – it could be bad for your brain!