This Week on the Doctors

Monday, March 4 Episode #11123
Tuesday, March 5 Episode #11119

Judge Mary Reveals a Close Family Member’s Health Crisis

The Doctors are joined by Face The Truth host Judge “Scary Mary” to discuss the latest health headlines! Why some residences are requiring your dog’s DNA to catch Puppy Poopetrators! Could the opioid crisis have a grim silver lining? The Doctors discuss the latest Vice News Report. Judge Mary reveals a close family member’s health crisis. The Doctors test a skin matching foundation to see if it’s worth the hype!

Wednesday, March 6 Episode #11117

Star of ‘The Good Doctor’ Nicholas Gonzalez Visits The Doctors!

Nicholas Gonzales, star of “The Good Doctor”! Can putting a “do not touch” sign on your stroller protect your baby from germs? Hack or wack: Kourtney Kardashian’s burn remedy and Mariah Carey’s flawless skin secret? Three easy breakfast and snack solutions with happy healthy! A young mom finds out her foot pain is actually a rare, aggressive cancer! You won’t believe this man’s incredible fingernail transformation! Could using ginger oil ward off joint pain and inflammation?!

Thursday, March 7 Episode #11038

Woman Suffers Medical Emergency on Flight!

Neighbors outraged over teen’s autism?!  Woman suffers a medical emergency on flight?!  How to be a “Mom-tector!” What you need to look out for on your child’s smartphone!  Are you getting bad relationship advice? Relationship expert, Dr. V sorts the good from the bad! Boric acid for “down there?” Can it actually cure bacterial infections? The trick to help your child kick their aggression issues!

Friday, March 8 Episode #11022

How to Know If Your Car Seat Accessories Are Dangerous!

Can eating once a day be a healthy way to lose weight? Is teaching kids about the dangers of opioids in kindergarten too young?! How to make sure you’re not overpaying for your prescriptions! The hidden dangers lurking in car seat accessories revealed! And a simple swap for your salads to cut your sugar intake!