This Week on the Doctors

February 9 - 15, 2019
Monday, February 11 Episode #11017

Instant Tummy Tuck!

Could anti-anxiety meds help problems “down there”? Are men more likely to cheat during pregnancy? Antacids bad for babies? Tongue ties troubling to moms and babies? Why fro-yo may cause body pain. Voice secrets revealed! Rapid non-surgical tummy tuck! Can Instagram food trends ruin your diet? How to get more health benefits from mushrooms!

Tuesday, February 12 Episode #11110

8 Weeks to Better Booty?

Parents’ guide to boomerang kids! Processed meats linked to mania? 8 weeks to better booty? Unlocking the health secret of the salt lamp? Can watching performances create empathy?

Wednesday, February 13 Episode #11105

Healthy Hangry Pockets!

Doctors’ Exclusive: Widowed mom fighting for benefits after her marijuana-using husband killed in ski lift accident! Benevolent couple discovers woman they’ve cared for has been faking brain cancer? Trim Healthy Mamas reveal recipes to prevent arguments in the home – hangry pockets! New study concludes that half of newlywed husbands are clueless about their wives’ orgasms?

Thursday, February 14 Episode #11067

Long-Term Damage from Fake Nails?

Answers to your most embarrassing questions. Young woman reaches out to The Doctors for help with her painful skin condition. Could your clicking jaw be causing irreparable damage? Is a daily nosebleed the sign of something serious? How young is too young for breast reduction? Special chair promises incontinence cure? Surprising way to prevent your baby from developing a flat head?

Friday, February 15 Episode #11080

Pepto Bismol Facial?

Why do some women find sexist men more attractive? From hungry to hangry? Do women expect a bigger ring if man is unattractive? In-flight sexual assaults on the rise? Buzz or bust?  Pepto-Bismol facial? Stainless steel bar? Boy who doesn’t like salad calls 911...twice!