This Week on the Doctors

February 2 - 8, 2019
Monday, February 4 Episode #11101

Eyelash Extensions Infested with Mites!

Electroshock therapy for kids? Do you need consent to hold hands? Eyelash extensions infested with mites! Drs. Exclusive: I survived a brutal knife attack! How to get a healthy credit scores! The secret to the perfect avocados!

Tuesday, February 5 Episode #11121

Woman Who Was Shot in the Face Returns for Update!

Woman who was brutally shot in the face returns to The Doctors for an inspiring update and facial transformation reveal! Using an emotional support alligator? Teen blood transfused into older people’s veins? Pre-sneezed tissues for $79.99? Are you sleeping with a killer? Forensic psychologist Dr. Judy ho shares the warning signs. Is CBD beauty worth the hype?

Wednesday, February 6 Episode #11094

Breast Cancer Surgeon Beats Breast Cancer!

A controversial movie claims the keto diet is the solution to diseases? Breast cancer surgeon beats breast cancer! Do eyebrow extensions in a jar and instant eye lift stickers work? Delivery driver exposes cheating boyfriend! Simple addition to your morning coffee that can help reverse liver damage & combat Alzheimer’s!

Thursday, February 7 Episode #11118

I Lost My Finger to a Puma and Grew It Back!

Can an at-home genetic test help prevent cancer? One mother shares her mission to save her daughter after losing her son to a rare genetic cancer mutation. A new cosmetic procedure promises to give a toned tush! A woman loses her finger to a puma and grows it back! Is green tea toxic? A diet that gets you closer to God? Robin McGraw’s recipe for romance and relaxation for Valentine ’s Day! One-minute fashion fixes!

Friday, February 8 Episode #11106

Meatless Meals with Keri Glassman!

Teacher gives student an ADD award?  Does this new no-swell filler really work?  Dr. Steven Curley discusses his new book “In My Hands.”  Keri Glassman’s secret meatless meals! How one woman chooses between three suitable bachelors!