This Week on the Doctors

January 12 - 18, 2019
Monday, January 14 Episode #11075

Giant Loofah Spa Treatment?

Inside the O.R. – Woman’s surgery to combat heavy menstruation! Autism linked to food allergies? Mental health professionals having sex with patients? Giant loofah spa treatment?  Millennial health: Worse than generations before?

Tuesday, January 15 Episode #11086

Fight Arm Flab!

Parent Alert; what to look out for on your child’s phone! Then, a shocking way to fight crime?! A new study has some surprising results!  Next, DIY piercing guns?! Is it dangerous?! Detox your teeth?! Does it work?  Also, a surprising sign that indicates a couple will divorce! You’re not going to want to miss this! Then, can one woman break her bad boy addiction?! And, fight arm flab with Jen Widerstrom!

Wednesday, January 16 Episode #11057

Deadly Weight Loss Procedure?

Can a popular weight loss procedure turn deadly? Can pre-cut fruit put your health at risk? A new product claims to lighten your eyes but at what cost to your vision? Then, find out which 3 tools under ten bucks can up your beauty game! Plus a family in crisis turns to The Doctors to help their teenage daughter. And it’s pretty to look at but could coral kill you? Plus, find out why sleeping in might help you live longer! And, add this to your diet to recall your dreams!

Thursday, January 17 Episode #11069

Woman Gets Eyeliner Lodged in Eye!

Best time to have sex? Would you give up sex… for more closet space? Connecting tech and will power for kids! Ear pinning and scar removal live! Buzz or bust: Men’s aftershave balm as primer under makeup? Probiotic toothpaste? Urine turns green after car accident? Woman gets eyeliner lodged in eye! Americans spend a year of their life dreaming of vacay! Singing for energy boost?

Friday, January 18 Episode #11089