This Week on the Doctors

January 5 - 11, 2019
Monday, January 7 Episode #11113

Halle Berry’s Trainer Shares Secrets for an A-List Body!

Halle Berry’s personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas shares his Hollywood secrets for an A-list body. Could his H20 workout give you that Halle Berry bod you’ve been dreaming of? Fitness and Instagram star Massy Arias shows you how to burn calories and bond with your baby! Sip yourself skinny with a delicious “mocktails” from J.Lo’s nutritionist. Watch one man’s incredible transformation from obese to an elite athlete. Are “mass suits” a buzz or bust?

Tuesday, January 8 Episode #11068

Portable Toilet Catastrophe Caught on Tape!

The Doctors checks in with a female guest from Season 10 who tipped the scales at over 500 pounds! Update on her weight-loss journey. New study has us asking an uncomfortable question – are human beings getting dumber? Could some of the prescription drugs being given to children with ADHD be causing weight gain? The portable toilet viral video you can’t stop watching!

Wednesday, January 9 Episode #11036

Brush with Death While Pregnant!

Body language expert reveals the tell-tale signs why Hollywood couples split! Tips and tricks to get your kids to listen, and even tell when someone is lying! Could your online romance be using a paid impersonator? The shocking things people are putting “down there”! Reported cancer risks or fake cancer news? How an everyday household item might help boost hair growth!

Thursday, January 10 Episode #11061

Ask The Doctors: Can These Teeth Be Fixed?

Could inducing labor at 39 weeks be beneficial to mom and baby?! The Doctors weigh in; Woman reveals her biggest insecurity: her smile! Can her teeth be fixed? New food combinations that are either totally buzzworthy or a big bust! How does going off birth control affect your body? Can menopause hit in your 30s? Could a daytime nap enhance false memories? Do men with flashy cars make good husband material? The Doctors give their take. Why you should never store your condom in your wallet!

Friday, January 11 Episode #11014

Must-See Viral Video: Navel Stone Popping!

Is the body positivity movement promoting unhealthy lifestyles? Are bone broth smoothie bowls, edible flowers, & dessert hummus worth the hype? Meet the bodybuilder with MS who didn’t let his diagnosis get in the way! Must-see navel stone popping videos! How to keep your immune system 30 years younger.