This Week on the Doctors

December 1 - 7, 2018
Monday, December 3 Episode #11029

Key Lodged in Head?

Toxic shock mistake for flu; Bizarre in the er: Key lodged in head? Pen cap lodged in ear? Ask the doctors: Plantar warts, UTI, yellow tongue diagnosis, what causes dandruff? Is the fruity vagina a buzz or bust? Commando workout? Post work ritual for better sleep?

Tuesday, December 4 Episode #11009

Buzz or Bust on the Latest Back Pain Remedies

Risky overnight challenge for teens? Tips to retire early! Should you toss or keep the items in your home? Ways to poop better in just one minute! Burning health questions answered in #askthedoctors! Biggest trends for helping back pain – are they a Buzz or Bust? Does social media make you a better parent?

Wednesday, December 5 Episode #11040

Treating Morning Sickness with Marijuana?

Is caffeine okay in any dose while pregnant? Should marijuana ever be recommended as a treatment to morning sickness? Can a sleep aid help with weight loss? College student invents secret device to prevent sexual assault! Young man’s struggle to overcome excessive sweating! DIY energy shakes to get that morning jolt without caffeine! Bird helps young girl extract baby tooth? Simple trick to get more antioxidants out of your berries!      

Thursday, December 6 Episode #11042

Comedian Shares Story from Selling Crack…to Cracking Jokes!

The Doctors take on bizarre medical headlines, from blowing your nose for mind-blowing sex…to the health benefits of smelling farts!? Author Dr. Jeremy Howick shares his research on how you can heal your body from within without modern medicine. Comedian Ms. Pat opens up on how laughter was her prescription from selling crack… to cracking jokes! Surprising cure for rheumatoid arthritis that can be found in your kitchen pantry!

Friday, December 7 Episode #11114

New Minimally-Invasive Facial Procedure to Look Younger?

A doctor is sued for violating patient privacy; Was he putting the safety of innocent children first? Deadly pregnancy complication on the rise! How to protect the ones you love. Team USA Sport Cup Stacker shares his inspiring story! Suzy Amos Cameron’s secret to weight loss and better sex? By changing one meal a day? New minimally-invasive facial procedure to look younger? Haircare line causing breakouts? At-home device claims to prevent choking.