This Week on the Doctors

November 24 - 30, 2018
Monday, November 26 Episode #11034

See Woman's New Body After Skin Removal Surgery

The surprising reason one woman lost 4 dress sizes instantly! The medical shocker that suddenly rid one patient of her 20lb belly bulge. Plus, Dr. Travis turns up the heat in the kitchen with “hot nood” pasta alternatives for you and your family to enjoy.  Then, beauty expert Shalini Vadhera shares flight attendant beauty secrets that will keep you jet set sexy the next time you travel! And, after losing 220 pounds through diet and exercise, guest Erika returns to the show to show off her new body post skin removal surgery. The emotional transformation you have to see to believe! Plus, the millennial trend that has young patients rushing to the plastic surgery office. Is “pre-toxing” safe? And the unlikely way to boost your brain…with tai chi! 

Tuesday, November 27 Episode #11073

Changing Lives with a Haircut!

A celebrity hairstylist that’s groomed some of the hottest men in Hollywood changes the lives of homeless people with a haircut! The Doctors first wedding for a couple whose story went viral! What’s the Real Deal with a wearable device that relieves headaches? Does it work? Infant sleeping dangers every parent must hear! Simple trick for a perfect burger!

Wednesday, November 28 Episode #11103

Massive Skin Removal Reveal Post-Weight Loss!

Massive skin removal reveal post-weight loss! Break up battle plan with Dr. Ish. Does beer make men more fertile? “Morgue Mom” mysteries! The ABC’s of cancer and what you need to know today! Viral superstar, “Sancho” The Therapy Dog! Fridge hacks you must have!

Thursday, November 29 Episode #11104
Friday, November 30 Episode #11116

Could These Medical Conditions Happen to You?

Can a teen actually be charged with a felony for eavesdropping? Why schools are using facial recognition technology to boost safety? The Abstinence Myth with Dr. Adi Jaffe! Shock photos of conditions that could happen to you! When your child meets your new significant other post-divorce! Can your child develop OCD from strep throat? Can sleep apnea affect your sex drive? New invention to ease period cramps? Kitchen timer toning! Could this Doctor’s Shot of Health beat your bloat?