This Week on the Doctors

October 13 - 19, 2018
Monday, October 15 Episode #11102

Veterans Find Hope in Foster Care

A new nursing home alternative for veterans brings hope and good health to our aging loved. New study links job stress to a heart rhythm disorder. New device delivers washboard abs and a butt lift! The secret hack for eyelash extensions? No questions off limits in: Ask The Doctors! Can a papaya and turmeric face mask really able to stop facial hair growth?

Tuesday, October 16 Episode #11018

Change Your Future Child’s Eye Color?

Why does one woman have a 6th toenail? Watch as The Doctors do a live procedure in studio! Then, the Stool Squad is back to answer your burning questions! Want fast food faster? A-List nutritionist Keri Glassman shares her kid-approved recipes! Next, would you change your future child’s eye color? Plus, do at home bunion correctors really work? Then, why some people are turning to drinking vinegar for better gut health! Could it be doing more harm than good?

Wednesday, October 17 Episode #11028

Recipes to Calm Your Hunger Hormones!

Study finds divorce could be contagious?! Could a nasal spray help with suicidal thoughts?! Maria Shriver joins us with her daughter Christina to discuss the documentary “Take Your Pills!” Learn recipes to calm your hunger hormones with celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque! Then, we will get to the bottom of medical myths with Dr. Nina Shapiro!

Thursday, October 18 Episode #11109

Fitness expert Stephanie Mansour demonstrates at-home exercises on your couch.

The Doctors discuss a global STI on the rise…how worried should you be? Woman has tongue reconstructed using muscle from her thigh! Heather & Terry Dubrow share their new diet book! The Doctors tests a scanner that detects how bad you stink! Who gets more allowance, boys or girls? Find out how you could be adding to a gender pay gap for kids! Fitness expert Stephanie Mansour demonstrates at-home exercises on your couch. How does your bedtime affect your sex life? Find out how pumpkins can benefit your health this Halloween season!

Friday, October 19 Episode #11013

Woman Plays Flute during Brain Surgery

Today’s show is co-hosted by the man who stole “The Bachelorette’s” heart, Dr. Bryan Abasolo! Ever received those long forwarded emails claiming to cure your problems? The Doctors are setting the record straight! A breakthrough treatment for nail fungus that is pain-free and doesn’t involve medication. The school bus driver who is a true hometown hero making an impact on students! No question is too personal in: “Ask the Gyno!” Easy at-home exercises to banish back pain! Woman plays flute during brain surgery!