This Week on the Doctors

July 21 - 27, 2018
Monday, July 23 Episode #10091

An Outrageous Medical Confessional

We’re tackling everything from your common questions to your most embarrassing questions in our medical confessional! Then, the “Stool Squad” is back to answer all your bathroom-related questions! And, fixes for a chubby face without going under the knife! And, the surprising reason why one woman’s nose is constantly running for 7 years. Then, Dr. Nita reveals the everyday habit that could lead to a yeast infection! Next, new research says sparkling water is making you fat? But is true? And we’re revealing the top hacks to ease your winter driving woes!

Tuesday, July 24 Episode #10132

Woman Loses Belly and Says She Did It with Help from Dr. Travis!

Can certain acne meds lead to murder? The Doctors weigh in on the controversy! Then meet a woman who says she lost her belly on Dr. Travis’s “Lose Your Belly Diet!” Can you do the same?! And, from curfew complaints to backseat battles, solving your biggest 'parenting 911' emergencies! Woman gets Double Mastectomy to save her life! We follow her emotional journey! And, the four legged hospital workers who bring smiles to patients.

Wednesday, July 25 Episode #10058

Breakthrough Body Tightening Procedure?! Drug Rehab at a Chicken Farm?! Could These Skin Conditions Happen to You?!

Judge rules family can force feed daughter suffering from anorexia?! Drug rehab at a chicken farm? -- Is this helping addicts or is it just a work camp? New body tightening procedure put to the test! Recipes for healthy indulgences with Lorna Jane! Then, could these disturbing skin conditions happen to you? -- What to look out for! The latest filler craze has people putting filler where? New secret to tackle toothaches!

Thursday, July 26 Episode #10071

Inside the O.R.: Sisters Get Same-Day Breast Augmentation Surgeries!

The Stool Squad is back to spin the ‘Wheel of Health’ & answer your most embarrassing poop questions! Then, we go ‘inside the O.R.’ with our cameras as two sisters decide to get breast augmentation surgeries on the same day! Plus, a new study says almost half of doctors & nurses go to work with the flu?! How should you be protecting yourself from getting sick? And you won’t believe the reason women are allegedly less likely to receive CPR from a bystander! 

Friday, July 27 Episode #10086

How Long Women Really Want You to Last!; Why I Chose To Amputate My Leg; Inside Look At Bullying Today

The Doctors discuss the latest health headlines! First, how long do women really want you to last? Plus, the horrific story of why one woman bit off a man’s privates! Next, the inspiring story of why an athlete chose to amputate his leg. The authors of “Hot Mess Kitchen” stop by to share their favorite healthy recipes. Plus, a jaw-dropping performance! Then, a simple smartphone tip could save your life!