This Week on the Doctors

Monday, May 21 Episode #10119

Can one woman’s extreme breast asymmetry be fixed?

One is a “D” and the other an “A” -- Can one woman’s extreme breast asymmetry be fixed? Plus, proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld make the world’s first colonoscopy rap called “The Bowel Prep Shuffle!”  #AsktheDoctors! How to get rid of bikini blackheads? What to do if your kids “walk in” on you? What age should you freeze your eggs? Does breast milk change color when baby is sick? 

Tuesday, May 22 Episode #10135

Is 24k Gold the New Gold Standard in Skin Care?

Could reality TV be hurting your brain? One woman gets an MRI while watching her favorite reality show to find out! Relationship author Tracy McMillan reveals all the reasons why you’re not married…yet! The Doctors break down the latest celebrity health trends! Is 24k gold the new gold standard in skin care? The toothpaste ingredient that might be giving you canker sores! Could a cold shower improve your health?

Wednesday, May 23 Episode #10307

Vanderpump Rules Exclusive!

Can a blood test for cancer? The reason behind doctor suicides. Can you use pistachios for weight loss? Plus, blaming a DUI on the autopilot! Does smartphone pinky syndrome really exist? And, a "Vanderpump Rules" exclusive! Then, Honoring the Wounded Warrior. 

Thursday, May 24 Episode #10052

Is Skipping Breakfast Beneficial or Bad for your Health?; Life after a Wrongful Conviction; Drs. Investigate: Smartphone Zombies!

It’s The Doctors big breakfast debate! Find out if skipping breakfast can help you drop pounds or if it’s harmful to your health! Then, a man crippled by PTSD after a wrongful conviction gets a breakthrough brain treatment. A family fights to save their daughter from a condition known as childhood Alzheimer’s. Plus, the Drs. task force catches smartphone zombies in the act! And is there an antidote for edible marijuana overdoses hiding in your kitchen? Plus, the secret to longer lashes revealed! And a trick to make your flu shot more effective!

Friday, May 25 Episode #10055

Drs. Exclusive: Glyphosate Lawsuit Claims Cancer Link

Could the foods you eat or the weed killer you use give you cancer? In a Doctors’ exclusive, we discuss a lawsuit claiming the most widely-used herbicide in the world, glyphosate, led to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in an alleged victim. Hear from the attorney in the case and the widow of a farmer who claims agricultural chemicals cut his life short. Find out why chemical companies say they stand by the safety of their product. The Doctors help you sort through the science and offer practical solutions starting in the grocery store!