This Week on The Doctors

Monday, May 14 Episode #10136

Woman's Tearful Reunion with Her Daughter

Hear the chilling tale of a woman wrongfully convicted of killing her baby and the aftermath of spending 20 years behind bars. Strategies to move on from past hurt and find forgiveness, and a heart-wrenching reunion with her daughter who she has not seen in over twenty years. How you can protect yourself and loved ones from a wrongful conviction. 

Tuesday, May 15 Episode #10131

Swinging Senior Care: Pole Dancers for Grandpa?

Elderly Homes have been raising the bar with new entertainment: pole dancing & silent discos! MRI burns a hole in a patient! Find out what happened and how you can prevent this from happening to you! Stage 4 cancer survivor opens up about one of the hardest decisions both her and her husband have ever had to make! Celebrity esthetician Shani Darden shares her biggest skin secrets! The Doctors check in on Chrissy who at one point weight over 500 lbs. Financial Expert Chris Hogan shares tips on managing medical debt! 

Wednesday, May 16 Episode #10133

New Fix for under Eye Circles


It’s a special summer edition of “Ask The Doctors!” Flawless and bronzed skin in minutes? We’re putting it to the test! Then, a new fix for under eye circles leaves one woman looking younger and rejuvenated! Celebrity hair stylist reveals top ways to avoid summer hair damage! National Women’s Health Week! Do-it-yourself ways to keep insects out of your backyard parties! 

Thursday, May 17 Episode #10127

Smile Makeover Heals Years of Bulimia Damage

Drs. checkup on guest to reveal the brand new smile that was stolen by 13 years of bulimia! New school trend that bans “best friends” to teach kids to be inclusive! Shocking story of the woman who discovered she has two anuses? New study says you could be getting better sleep by getting busy in the sheets more often!

Friday, May 18 Episode #10120

Mom Addicted to Waist Training?

It’s hot headlines day & we’re discussing the latest stories that affect your health! Like the California mother of 3 who says she wears a corset 23 hours a day to keep her 18-inch waist! Even during sex! What could this dangerous addiction be doing to her health? Plus, could the cure to hair loss really be found in fast food French fries? Then, the nation’s very first ‘marijuana spa’ is set to open in Colorado! Would you pay a visit? The Doctors debate controversial school policy where female students are being told they can’t say “no” when boys ask them to dance!