This Week on The Doctors

Monday, May 7 Episode #10129
Tuesday, May 8 Episode #10137

Busy Philipps Using Homemade Garlic Nasal Rinse?; What Causes Numbness in the Middle of the Night?; How Can You Overcome Jealousy in a Relationship? Summer Travel Saving Secrets!; Does a Gallbladder Flush Really Work?

Busy Philipps using homemade garlic nasal rinse?!  Is it safe?!  Then, what causes numbness in the middle of the night?! Should you be concerned?! Also, can you transmit a UTI to your partner?! Next, woman struggles with fear of driving after accident! How can she overcome this?! Also, have you ever been jealous in a relationship?! Tips on overcoming this! Then, looking to plan a vacation? We have tricks to save money on summer travel! Also, does your child have outbursts?! Stay tuned to learn how to deal with this! And, will a gallbladder flush really work or do you actually need a procedure?! Don’t miss, Jennifer Aniston’s salad secret! 

Wednesday, May 9 Episode #10098

Christie Brinkley gives her top ageless beauty tips.

Christie Brinkley gives her top ageless beauty tips and shares her thoughts on the #TimesUp movement. Then, getting high on the job? Recent survey reveals many use drugs while at work! Then millions of youth in America are caregivers to ill family members. But are they getting the help they need? And a Drs. check-up reveals one woman’s dramatic body makeover. You will not believe the results! And the trendiest foods of 2018, are they worth the hype? And smell your partner’s dirty laundry for better health? That’s what a new study found!

Thursday, May 10 Episode #10124

A Complete Mouth Makeover

The Doctors weigh-in on new research that shows ovarian cancer may be passed on from your father? Then, a total mouth makeover that you have to see to believe! And the gross reason why your A/C stinks and the must-do’s of your spring cleaning list! And we have the cleaning mistakes you’re probably guilty of that could send you to the ER! Next, were putting to the test a sleep patch that promises a deeper and better night’s sleep! Does it work? Plus you have a chance to win a $700 giveaway! And the simple way to boost your run…is with a smile? 

Friday, May 11 Episode #10106

Toddler Assists in Baby Brother’s Birth?

Everyone knows about the dangers of spreading colds & the flu, but could obesity be contagious as well? Plus – you won’t believe what a California man recently pulled out of himself while using the restroom – a 5-foot long tapeworm! Hear the crazy story & how doctors believe it got there in the first place! Then, a mother faces criticism on social media for involving her 3 year-old in her little brother’s birth! Is that too young an age to witness the joys of childbirth up close? And it’s a new product you have to see to believe – a belt with air bags to prevent fall injuries in senior citizens?