This Week on The Doctors

April 28 - May 4, 2018
Monday, April 30 Episode #10128

Elizabeth Smart Speaks Out!

Elizabeth Smart discusses new book and how she overcame her kidnapping ordeal! Teenagers being offered free diet plans! Is this a good idea? Foods you won’t believe are healthy with Devin Alexander! Family searches for answers after daughter’s disturbing diagnosis! Is it possible to sweat out a cold?! The surprising tip that could alleviate depression symptoms! 

Tuesday, May 1 Episode #10125

Is It Safe to Dye Your Child's Hair?

Ask The Doctors: Can sex help menopause!  Dr. Batra’s fix for greasy hair. Is it safe to dye a young child’s hair? Safe ways to break up dog fights. Is it safe to smoke pot while dealing with depression? Dr. Travis’ favorite exercises to prevent slouching. The Bachelor's Dr. Chris Strandburg reveals his top 3 tips to stop teeth grinding! Can sleep apps actually diagnose sleep apnea? 

Wednesday, May 2 Episode #10130

My Daughter Is Addicted to Heroin!

Former reality star and member of the infamous “Bling Ring” turned addiction expert, Alexis Haines, helps one family with an addiction intervention! Would you try hypnosis for a drug free childbirth? The Doctors swabbed it all and you won’t believe what is dirtier than a toilet seat! The shocking story of how a fertility clinic allegedly lost one couple’s embryos! Did Facetime save a woman’s life?  Woman shocked to find worms in her eye! Can it happen to you? Swap the way you snooze for better health! 

Thursday, May 3 Episode #10122

Lunch Break Double Chin Fix!

Is natural medicine a risk to your health? The secret to a successful relationship detox. A new lunchtime procedure to reduce a double chin. How to burn fat in just 8 minutes a day! New smartphone technology helps people with Alzheimer’s. Get the cheesiest eggs minus the calories! 

Friday, May 4 Episode #10096

Emmy® Award Winner Louie Anderson Opens up about Childhood Trauma

Emmy® Award winner Louie Anderson opens up about being the son of an alcoholic. Find out why a fitness trainer decided to pack on 75 pounds…and lose it! Runway model Rosie Mercado shares her fashion fixes that will flatter any size! Can sex in your senior years improve brain function? Celeb stylist Jonathan Antin sets the record straight on the “Do’s and Don’ts” for your Do! International beauty expert shares global glam secrets! Nighttime ritual you need to start doing…tonight!