This Week on The Doctors

April 21 - 27, 2018
Monday, April 23 Episode #10134

Man Left with 2 Hearts after Transplant!

The Doctors spin the "wheel of health" to answer your biggest skin-related questions like what’s the best way to deal with cellulite and spider veins on your legs? Plus, people online are trying do-it-yourself fecal transplants at home! Why could this be really dangerous for your health? Then, you won’t believe the crazy story of how one man’s heart transplant surgery unexpectedly led to him having TWO different hearts! And nobody wants to sit next to someone with extreme flatulence on an airplane! Hear the story about how one incident led to a mid-air brawl & emergency landing! 

Tuesday, April 24 Episode #10315

The United States of Obesity Special

An estimated 160 million Americans are overweight. Throughout season 10 of The Doctors we examined the obesity epidemic in our series “The United States of Obesity.” This special looks back at some of the survivors from this epidemic – the courageous people who have made transformations in their lives both physically and emotionally. 

Wednesday, April 25 Episode #10323

Guilt-Free Breakfast with Chef Jimmy

Should drug dealers be charged with murder? A procedure to debark dogs sparks outrage! Jail time for nightmare college roommate? Guilt-free breakfast with Chef Jimmy. How to heal childhood scars. Plus, Dr. Nita learns self-defense. And, the real cause of stinky feet. 

Thursday, April 26 Episode #10126

Grammy Nominated Singer Halsey Opens up

Grammy nominated artist Halsey opens up exclusively about her painful struggle with endometriosis and her dreams of starting a family! How child predators are using video games to connect with their victims! Then, go in the OR with an unbelievable septum surgery…that’s done on a side table? Judge Judy’s Bailiff visits the set for a health verdict of his own! And, why do bald men have hairy bodies? Plus, The Doctors share a hack to keep your fish from sticking to the grill! 

Friday, April 27 Episode #10113

Woman Gets ‘Vegan’ Tattooed on Her Forehead?

Dr. Travis slams down the gavel in The Doctors Court! Man’s trip to the strip club leaves him without a tooth -- sues dancer for a millions! Is it your first amendment right to flip off a cop? The celebrity mom whose famous hubby “nursed” to relieve her painful mastitis? Forehead tattoo boldly announces food preference? One woman did – and you won’t believe the photo!