This Week on The Doctors

April 7 - 13, 2018
Monday, April 9 Episode #10312

Celebrity 911: Pop Star Aaron Carter Health Crisis!

The Doctors Special: Celebrity 911. Pop star Aaron Carter's health crisis! The price of fame: Amanda Peterson's family shares the unknown story behind her tragic death. NBA star Lamar Odom on Khloe, the overdose and that damn brothel! Teen idol David Cassidy in one of his final television appearances. Baseball legend Darryl Strawberry opens up about battling crack addiction and TV star Mackenzie Phillips talks about hitting rock bottom!

Tuesday, April 10 Episode #10311

Deadly Fairytale Princess Diet!

Barbra Streisand clones her dog! Actress Kristin Bell and her daughter got pinworms?! Deadly fairytale princess diet! Should the death penalty be taken away for an inmate who can’t remember the crime due to dementia? Also, plastic surgeons share state-by-state plastic surgery trends! And, can dim lighting make you dumber!?

Wednesday, April 11 Episode #10308

Dr. Travis Budget Friendly Dinner!

Sarah Jessica Parker’s marriage secret! Is Photoshop porn the new revenge porn? Dr. Travis' budget friendly dinner! Common antibiotic gets new warning! Drs. Investigate: people using fish antibiotics. Disturbing flu symptoms parents need to know about! Low-cal cauliflower nachos in minutes

Thursday, April 12 Episode #10031

Drs. Investigate: Teenage Torture Camps?; Save My Twin’s Teeth!; Can Coffee Cause Weight Gain?

The Doctors investigate alleged teenage torture camps. A mother and child discuss the secret institutions behind these wilderness camp nightmares. Then, The Doctors try to solve the medical mystery behind the rotting teeth of an identical twin! ? Plus, new cosmetic treatment to smooth skin in minutes is put to the test! And, a food to avoid with coffee that could pack on the pounds! Plus, The Doctors go inside the biggest beauty festival of the year to find the season’s hottest makeup trends. And find out the secret ingredient to supercharge the nutritional benefits of your food! 

Friday, April 13 Episode #10034