This Week on The Doctors

March 31 - April 6, 2018
Monday, April 2 Episode #10073

Drs. Investigate: Toxic Toys?

The Doctors investigate if your child’s toys could be toxic! Plus, find out which toys may be the most dangerous this holiday season! Then, a mother says CBD cannabis oil saved her child’s life and stopped the growth of her cancerous tumor. The Doctors examine CBD oil heath claims. Find out how to safeguard yourself when buying the CBD products online. Why a DIY liver flush may be harmful to your health? And can you contract herpes at the makeup counter? Plus, the overnight secret to a healthier breakfast!

Tuesday, April 3 Episode #10068

Woman Bullied for Decades…Look at Her Now!

A woman who was bullied for decades reveals her surgical makeover! It’s a “before and after” you have to see to believe! Plus, self cyber-bullying? The disturbing internet trend parents need to know about! A smoothie recipe that can prevent cancer? Check out one surgeons’ “cancer kicking” recipe that took years in the making! And, would you erase your memories if you could? The controversial technology being developed for Alzheimer's. Plus, 3 ways to prevent an early death that you can start TODAY!

Wednesday, April 4 Episode #10110

Camila Alves Mcconaughey Shares Her Favorite Family Recipe!

Actress and businesswoman Vivica A. Fox, spills behind the scenes secrets in her new book “Everyday I’m Hustling” and responds to the “Kill Bill” Uma-Tarantino controversy! Then, we cook with Camila Alves McConaughey as she shares a family recipe that’s healthy and delicious! And, the revolutionary trick that can give you 'Kardashian curves' without surgery! Would you try it? Plus, is oat milk really healthy for you? And breast surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk debunks the biggest breast myths!

Thursday, April 5 Episode #10032

Should Addicts Be Sterilized?

The Doctors debate a controversial tactic to help babies born to addicted mothers, but could this be taking things too far? Barbara Harris from Project Prevention discusses why she believes some addicts should be sterilized! Then, could your favorite doctors on social media actually be fakes? Plus, should your kids know about your sex life? Plus, could your teen’s Instagram filters be a clue to their mental health? Then, a simple DIY to remove warts better than freezing?

Friday, April 6 Episode #10049

Nothing's off Limits as We Answer Your Most Embarrassing Questions!

If it oozes, aches or makes you blush, we’re talking about it today! From one woman’s excruciating pain “down there” to a pill-free fix for erectile dysfunction -- The Doctors answer your most embarrassing questions! The most embarrassing questions come out of our “Medical Confessional!” A celebrity stylist opens up about an embarrassing secret he’s kept under wraps for years! And, the athlete’s foot fix you can gargle with!