NeNe Leakes Co-Hosts; Romantic Robot Needs; University Removes Scales; Nail Salon Allegedly Charges Overweight Customers More

The Doctors discuss the salon that allegedly posted a sign telling overweight customers their pedicures would cost extra. The salon owner has reportedly denied these claims.

Love and money don’t always mix well! Learn how to protect yourself so that a broken heart doesn’t lead to a busted bank account.

Brandy survived domestic abuse and bulimia – but her ruined teeth were a permanent reminder of the trauma she’d suffered. The Doctors arranged for Brandy to see a dentist in hopes of giving her back her smile, and now she’s returned to show us the results

Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the U.S. – almost 18 million people suffer from abuse or dependence. But can a new technique allow those addicted to alcohol to “drink themselves sober”?