Young Woman Suffers With Rare Eating Disorder; Not Guilty By Brain Tumors; Man Beats All Medical Odds

When is a medical condition a criminal defense? Criminal defense attorney Sara Azari and The Doctors weigh in on the tragic case of a man who killed another man due to the effects of his brain tumors.

Students at a California high school had their phones confiscated and searched under threat of suspension after one student shared nude photos of a school administrator taken at an off-campus gym.

When Jim was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer two years ago, it sounded like a death sentence. But he’s still here to tell his remarkable story of survival against the odds.

Mya has been unable to eat and digest food since she was in sixth grade. A severe bout of stomach-flu-like symptoms hit her six years ago and never left – since then she has received all her nutrition through a feeding tube.