Drs Investigate: Shady Supplements; Exclusive: Birth Behind Bars; I Survived a Plastic Surgery Nightmare; Hollywood’s Hot Body Secret

Janice, the founder of Birth Behind Bars, Gail, the Director of the Coalition for Female Prisoners, and New York State Supreme Court Justice Honorable Richard Buchter shed light on what it is like to be pregnant and deliver a baby while jailed.

Skin care expert Nurse Jamie and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra show us the ins and outs of one of the newest beauty trends, facial cupping. See what it can do to your skin!

Cupping is an ancient practice, widely believed to increase blood flow and stimulate muscle recovery. The latest trend takes it further – to the face. Some celebrities are reportedly having their faces cupped to plump the skin before a big event.

Angie, who had corrective surgery after a previous excess skin removal surgery, and plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Smith return to The Doctors to share some great news about how far Angie has come since first coming to the show.

The Doctors discuss just how incredible a dog’s nose is and what amazing things it is capable of with the help of viral social media dog, Ralph.