140Lb Tumor; I Want To Be A Genderless Alien; Snake Season; Pregnancy Causes Tumor

Wildlife expert Jason, from Wildlife X, joins The Doctors to share important information about the boom in the snake population and he also shares tips on how to keep your home snake-free.

Max Lugavere reveals what is in and what is out when it comes to trending foods. Find out what he has to say about Natto (fermented soybeans) and drinks that claim to help with memory.

Half a million people die each year from smoking-related illnesses – but these deaths are preventable. Learn how to kick the addiction and take control of your health.

Actress and TV personality Heather Dubrow meets with “color intuitive to the stars” Dougall Fraser. Can this man see colors around her that reveal her personality?

Color Intuitive Dougall Fraser reads Heather Durbrow’s color aura. Find out what color The Doctors are giving off and what each color means.