Domestic Abuse Survivor’s Makeover; The Dahm Triplets Put At-Home Ancestry Kits to The Test; Modern Day Bruce Lee; Yogi’s Photo To Fight Menstrual Stain Shame

Alicia wrote in to The Doctors wanting to help her mom feel beautiful again after enduring a lifetime of abuse. Meet Alicia who shares her mom Cynthia’s incredible story.

Getting called out for a “menstrual stain” can be traumatizing for young women. Some people feel we should celebrate the flow and not be embarrassed by our bodily functions. Is this yogi taking things a little too far?

With record breaking kicks that carry about 2,600 pounds of force, it’s no wonder why Alexander Wraith has earned the title of modern day Bruce Lee. Alex joins The Doctors to show off some impressive moves.

Cynthia’s daughter Alicia wrote to The Doctors hoping to get some help for her mother. The Doctors have given Cynthia an entire makeover. Just wait till you see her!