The Drs’ Friday News Feed; I’m Addicted To Eating Clay Pots; Girl Calls 9-1-1 On Drunk-Driving Dad From Inside Car?; ‘Real Housewives’ Foul Lawsuit!; ‘Teddy Bear’ Sex Toy For Women?

During a basketball game in New Zealand one player jumped up for a rebound and came down missing something pretty important after being poked in the face. Akil Mitchell's eye popped out of it's socket! Check out the graphic video above.

Tamika is coming clean about an eating addiction she is both embarrassed about and concerned how it might be affecting her body – she is addicted to eating clay pots.

The opioid drug epidemic is sweeping the nation, but Kentucky just had a record spike with 52 overdoses in just 32 hours. Is this the new reality? Russ Read co-founder of Kentucky Harm Reduction Coalition joins The Doctors to discuss.