Drs Exclusive: Jenni Pulos: Pregnant With Baby No 2; Blood Transfusions: The Fountain Of Youth; Orgasm During Childbirth; Is Your Baby Teething On Mold; Finding Fido

Finding the right dog is not as simple as one might think! Seth Casteel, the award-winning photographer and “Underwater Dogs” author, hosts a new show, “Finding Fido” that matches the right kind of rescue dog with the right owner.

After “Flipping Out” star Jenni Pulos had her first child in 2013, she realized she wanted her daughter to have a sibling. Due to her age and a few setbacks, the Bravo star and husband Dr. Jonathan Nassos embarked on an IVF journey to get pregnant again.

Is there mold lurking in the popular toddler chew toy Sophie the Giraffe? The Doctors look into a recent online report claiming multiple instances of the insides of the toy filled with gross substance!