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Does Your Kid Need a Protein Supplement?

Elle McPherson is helping to market a new protein powder to kids. The $30 protein powder says it contains everything a kid needs. It's also an organic, whole food, vegan, and gluten-free supplement. But do kids really need a protein supplement?

Surprises for Mass Shooting Survivor

Shelly survived a traumatic mass shooting and she bravely shares her story. The Doctors and PTSD specialist Dr. Eugene Lipov have some surprises in store for Shelly and her family.

I Survived a Mass Shooting

There are more mass shooting in the United States than any other country in the world? Meet Shelly who survived one of these tragedies and lives with the torment every day.

Revenge Porn on the Rise?

Revenge porn can take a truly ugly toll on its victims, and now there’s even more disturbing findings about this kind of online harassment: 1 in 25 people will become victims of revenge porn.