Teen Weight Loss Surgery Trend; Menstruation-Themed Board Game For Kids; Baby Born With Huge Tongue; You Called 9-1-1 For That; Dr. Travis's Weight Loss Secret

Paisley was born with an oversized tongue making it very hard for her to breath without choking! Parents Madison and Shannon join The Doctors to talk about Paisley's unusual condition.

ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ star Chris Powell and bariatric surgeon Dr. Dirk Rodriguez join The Doctors to discuss the latest weight loss surgery trend for teens. Is this the best approach to battle the obesity epidemic in kids?

Jen Smedley and Kristin Hensley created IMomSoHard, a web series that tackles the good, the bad, and the ugly of motherhood. They join The Doctors to share their journey of creating a series that has racked up over 20 million views.

The Doctors discuss ‘The Period Game,’ a brand new board game that aims to teach young girls about menstruation in an inventive way. Would you play with your family?

Greg and Heather have logged over 30,000 miles and 48 states officially breaking the world record for longest road trip ever. But do they still like each other?